Digital Marketing Campaign Proposal Smart Payables

March 29, 2018

Proposal prepared for: Christine Lloyd | Smart Payables

Proposal prepared by: Michael Dam

Letter From the Founder

Dear Christine,

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to assist you in optimizing your online presence at

Based on our experience, we are highly confident that we can beef up your organic search traffic and drive lead generating conversions over the next 6 months with our internet marketing campaign. Our services are 100% custom tailored to fit your needs, so almost everything can be adjusted in your plan to work for your business.

As previously discussed, your goal is to increase your online visibility both locally and nationally to attract more leads. The great thing about internet marketing is that everything can be tracked and measured so you will be able to see the exact value of what we bring to the table.

As the 2016 and 2017 winner of "The Best of the Valley - Web Design & Management Firm" voted by AZ Foothills, we strive for perfection and deliver value every step of the way. We look forward to forming a long lasting work relationship with you and SmartPayables.


Viet Le
Founder and President
Simple Group Inc

Digital Marketing Campaign Introduction

15 North is pleased to submit a Digital Marketing Campaign for Smart Payables. This proposal will outline the online marketing goals, our recommended digital services, campaign plan and what the next steps are to get started.

The primary focus of this campaign is to use proven techniques that will not only rank your website to the highest position in search results but increase customer engagement to generate sales/leads. Our strategies derive from surveying what makes your business success to execute a campaign that’s unique only to you.

By working with us, we will help establish your business as an industry leader. With the many moving parts in digital marketing, a winning strategy involves careful planning, consistency, and perfect execution. Properly optimizing your website and building authority is the first step for digital marketing - but our program goes beyond that to ensure your customers are converting across all digital channels set in the campaign.

Digital Marketing Campaign Services

Local SEO
Technical Optimization
Content Marketing
Video Marketing
Paid Search
Local SEO

Search visibility begins with dominating your local landscape, even if your customers are located all around the country. Optimizing for local SEO makes it easier to begin ranking for your services, tells search engines where to direct local customers looking for what you offer, and establishes citations with online directories in your region.


  1. Create a verified Google My Business page optimized by business categories, description, photos and ready for customer reviews.
  2. Ensure business name, address, and phone (NAPs) are consistent across all directories, listings, and other online properties.
  3. Submit 25 citations, local and global, to build domain authority.
  4. Implement outreach strategy to grow reviews both onsite and third-party vendors, like Yelp and Google.
Technical Optimization

This aspect of SEO focuses on how well search engines can crawl your site and index its contents. Since search engines, primarily Google, are constantly changing their search algorithms, it is important to monitor and keep track to ensure your website is always advancing with search. Technical SEO provides your content and links with the best possible marketing environment so you can shine in the search results without any obstacles.


  1. Optimize visuals, such as proper image sizes, image tags, and formats to increase website speed.
  2. Ensure all page URLs are structured correctly within their parent/child relationships and optimized for the correct keywords.
  3. Create internal links to improve the visibility of older articles, increase site engagement, and tell search engines the relationship between the web pages.
  4. Correctly mark-up site content and service related pages with Schema code for Google to better categorize your business and its services.
Content Marketing

Content marketing is the technique of creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent material to attract and acquire your target audience. Not only will content engage with your customers, but it drives profitable conversions as well. As one of the many pillars of digital marketing, content - whether it be written, video, or graphic-based - is the primary vehicle to build authority and influence favorable consumer actions.


  1. Create a content marketing strategy based on your key messages to promote and sell outsourced payment services.
  2. Curate and produce content that’s highly relevant, shareable, and influences transactional behaviors.
  3. Optimize content across all digital channels to increase visibility and conversion rates with proper SEO methods.
  4. Promote the content to the right people at the right time to expand reach within your industry and other relevant niches to build a high-authority backlink profile.
  5. Measure content performance to use the analytics to appropriately adjust or continue optimizing for what’s actually working.
Video Marketing

Video marketing, a sub-category of content marketing, is widely used in many marketing strategies. However, where businesses fall short is understanding how to properly optimize it to dominate search ranks. Our secret tactic is to take content from highly-engaged articles and transforming it into a video. These are also called contextual videos. Not only does video increase traffic from a different channel, but has been proven to increase conversions by 80%!


  1. Create a minimum of 10 short videos based on the content marketing strategy that enhances content already published
  2. Optimize videos to rank in Google Search Videos and YouTube to drive views and impressions.
  3. Publish videos across all channels, including social media, social bookmarks, niche-related blogs and other relevant sites to help create more link authority.
  4. Dominate the local scene by creating how-to videos and geo-tagging them with local businesses that are great candidates for your services.
Paid Search

Where SEO focuses on the long game by bringing organic traffic to your website search marketing much more immediate to target high quality, high converting traffic. With PPC, you only pay when someone clicks on your ad. This tells you exactly how the campaign budget is being spent, and if ROI is positive within the first month of launch. Leveraging paid search and SEO together helps create a synergy that improves performance across all channels.


  1. Perform an account audit, initiate a discovery phase and development of a PPC campaign strategy with specific targeting parameters based on location, time of day and device.
  2. Target specific audience segmentation with unique keyword groups based on their buyer persona data.
  3. Create ad copy and high-conversion landing pages per ad group.
  4. Track and analyze data against industry KPI’s for continuous creative development and testing.

Digital Marketing Campaign Deliverables

1. Project Onboarding

Onboarding Questionnaire

We will be sending a Google questionnaire to discover more about your business in regards to your unique selling points, which services/keywords you want to optimize for, and sales numbers to determine customer LTV, ROI, and CPA. This document may also request necessary login credentials needed for setting up accounts and integration of our tracking tools.

Detailed Site and SEO Audits

Before we can dive into research, we will perform detailed audits of your current website's search analytics and any current technical errors. Once we have a full report, we then can begin the research and planning phase, as well as fixing up and optimizing technical errors that may be present.


2. Account Set Up

Creation of Marketing Management Project Sheets

We want you to be with us every step of the way, with full transparency, during the life of the campaign. Google Sheets is our primary tool to store and represent data, as well as managing the specific services in the campaign. Smart Payables will be invited to a master Sheet that will have all necessary and important data and planning for viewing at any time.

3. Research and Planning

SWOT Analysis

We will conduct an analysis of your company’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats, standard to any business or marketing plan. This will tell us where we should focus our digital efforts to grow your company, as well as continually expanding your lists of strengths.

Buyer Personas and Buying Journey Document

Your targeted audiences will be categorized into unique buyer personas and their buying journeys. This will aid in creating content focused on their interests and purchase behaviors to craft key messages delivering the value propositions of Smart Payables.

Keyword Research Report

Extensive keyword research will be conducted to organize keywords in their unique topical groups. Based on the search queries and keyword analytics, we will bucket them into four components of the consumer buying journey. These buckets are categorized into Awareness, Discovery, Consideration, and Purchase. Within these buckets, we then categorize them even more extensively by search intent, whether they are looking for an answer, looking for a service, or looking to purchase.

Competitor Analysis Report

Competitor data analysis will provide important insight into missed opportunities that we can dominate and control. We will compare and analyze competitors based on their search analytics, keyword growth, backlinking profile, paid search history and projected monthly search revenue. Doing this and monitoring their activity will continually give us the upper edge over your competitors.

KPI Target List

Sales Growth (based on defined goals/conversion)
Number of Leads Captured per Month
Cost of Customer Acquisition
Lead Acquisition Rate
Website Traffic (sessions, users, page views, average site visit, bounce rate)
Landing Page Conversions
Number of Inbound Links per Page Type

4. Execution

Document Defining KPIs and Measurement Methods

After all the research and strategy is in place, it's time to measure. We will take the search analytics from the day of launch and use that to benchmark our data. We will measure data on a weekly and monthly basis - this ensures that our strategy and execution are showing positive results and to shift them if they're not.

Technical SEO Audit and Checklist

Normally after we finish a web development project, the digital marketing and development team will sit down to ensure that all technical errors are fixed in preparation for future SEO efforts. However, following the keyword research phase, we will revisit these codes and site snippets to replace them with search engine friendly terms. For example, we will replace the current page titles with higher converting keywords and keyword phrases.

Local Citation List

Once we determine which address Google recognizes your business, we begin building citations across the entire web. However, before we even start with citation building, we will create a Google My Business page with the appropriate categories, verify the listing and have it ready to display within a few days. Once published, we will initiate a local outreach strategy to directories and listing sites to begin building 25 citations a month.

Content Marketing Calendar

Our strategy for content is taking your key messages and business propositions to create content that is digestible, informative, engaging and highly-converting. We focus on your unique selling points so our content is completely original and different from others in your industry. Whether it be contextual, video or graphic-based, the goals of published content is to drive more traffic to your services and create brand awareness to increase your number of customers.

5. Measurement and Reporting

Monthly Data and Progress Reports

Measuring the weekly and monthly data will tell us if ROI is positive, or if we need to implement additional changes to the strategy. We will provide an extended monthly report tracking all analytics across the campaign and recommendations for the following months. These reports will also display charts and tables focused on the ROI of the campaign and measurement of growth in lead acquisition and sales.

Digital Marketing Campaign GOALS

  • Dominate the Top Ranks in Organic Search

    Our primary goal is to not only share your business and services across the web but ensure that you are ranking in high-conversion positions for your services. We will be ranking for the top position in search results and local maps so web visitors to find you before your competitors.

    Goal: Achieve search visibility of 25-30% after 6 months and achieve Page 1 Rank for transactional-intent keywords.

  • Build Domain Equity

    Consistent execution of SEO and other digital marketing strategies will improve overall authority in the major search engines. Increased authority = increased rankings = increased website conversion = increased revenue.

    Goal: 40+ Domain authority after 6 months

  • Achieve Industry-Leading Conversion Rates

    Pages that customers view at the end of the sales funnel will be optimized for content, conversion rate optimization modules and split tested to drive as many conversions as possible on the website.

    Goal: Achieve over 12.4% in lead generation conversion rate

  • Generate Linear Growth for Search Traffic

    When it comes to growth in search traffic, rarely will we see an explosive increase in the first few months. Rather, it will take time to build these numbers. However, our goal is to gradually increase monthly search traffic and drive as many qualified users to your website as possible.

    Goal: 8-10% Average monthly growth for search traffic

Digital Marketing Campaign PROJECT FEES

The total fees for the ongoing efforts of the digital marketing campaign will be paid in six (6) installments beginning at the execution of this agreement, and every 30 days until the first day of the final month in this 6-month contract. After the 6-month commitment, services will continue on a month-to-month basis but may be canceled without any penalty. We offer two option packages for organic growth based on the number of keywords that you would like to optimize for. For a price and hourly breakdown, please look at the following pages.

The rate for the PPC campaigns will be divided into a one-time set up flat rate and a percentage of monthly spendings on PPC ads. The percentage of your monthly budget will go to ongoing account management, continual keyword and ad optimization and monthly reports and analytics.

One Time Project Set Up

Service TypeDescriptionProject Fees
Local SEOOptimization and submission of 1 business location. 1 Year of service updated quarterly.$900
Initial Account Set Up & AuditInitial Campaign Set Up and Client Onboard - Technical Audit, SEO Audit, Link Audit, Keyword Research, Competitor and Market Researche)$1,750

Monthly Retainer Packages

Service TypeDescriptionProject Fees
Monthly Retainer A - 26 HoursTechnical Optimization, Content Marketing Strategy, Backlinking Strategy, Social Media Automation, Monthly Reports $2,600
Monthly Retainer B - 48 HoursTechnical Optimization, Content Marketing Strategy, Backlinking Strategy, Social Media Automation, Monthly Reports$3,900

PPC Marketing (Optional)

Service TypeDescriptionProject Fees
PPC Campaign Set Up (Optional)Account Set Up, Research and Strategy Development, Ad Creation$1,500
PPC Management (Optional)Campaign Management, Data Tracking, Analytics, and Continual Strategy Implementation18% of Monthly Budget