Video Marketing Packages

Drive Engagement and Online Sales with Compelling Text-Based Social Videos

Video marketing is powerful. In the right hands, video can generate 50% growth in revenue much faster for those that utilize it vs those that don’t. Text-based social videos are one of the most efficient and effective ways to convey your key messages, highlight products/services, and persuade customers to take action.

Social Video Packages

Connect with your customers to increase engagement and drive more business with our text-based video packages below:

Benefits of Text-Based Social Videos

Search Engines Love Video

Search engines are no longer just displaying content optimized for keywords - rather, they want content that engages viewers. With video, search analytics reported higher engagement and increased users sessions.

Early Impression for Your Business

Reach your customers at any time and any place. Since Google loves video, their latest algorithm will rank optimized video near the top. Holding this position will increase search visibility for your business, thus, more initial impressions means higher sales potential.

Highly Effective via Social Media Channels

Branded video content exploded in the past year. With an increase of 99% on YouTube and 258% on Facebook at the end of 2017, businesses have seen tremendous ROI from video.

Boosts Sales by 80% with a Single Video

By including a video on a landing page, businesses can increase conversion by 80%! Watching a compelling presenter will influence buying behavior, either converting a visitor into a lead, or lead into a customer!

Quicker Turnaround in Video Production

Cut costs and production time with text-based social videos that can be deployed 33% faster than traditional promotional videos. 

Rank Higher for Targeted Keywords

When videos are linked with published articles and blogs, it creates another opportunity for your content to be search engine optimized. This is largely due to an additional source to generate traffic and build web engagement.

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